The experience and practice of Shanghai dragon


4: Shanghai, the threshold is high, need to understand the code it. For example: Jiang Hui and his mother, this is her son’s achievements, his mother don’t understand the code? In fact as long as typing can be done in Shanghai dragon. Shanghai dragon is 10 minutes to learn things, what is the test execution

2:keywords tag to write the keyword. For example: the label have been ignored, you can find 50 good standing to see, many of them did not write the label

of Shanghai Longfeng theoretical knowledge is too much too complex, what H1, keywords, white label, in fact, is the Shanghai dragon thing. Did not you say so exaggerated, some people may argue for me, I let you know.

after the analysis of other misunderstanding. Shanghai dragon is the essence of.

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I contact the industry in three years or so, have greatly small website 100! He did not particularly successful, because they have done too miscellaneous, Amoy, products, BBS and so on, with the income of selling, now the webmaster is very low threshold, try to ask us in the long term A5 learning how many webmaster is a computer professional learning system? ASP, PHP? Now many sites are nested free open source CMS, typical is DEDECMS. on the Internet to see more and more free video that a web site can be successfully completed, then? No traffic is a waste station, no in fact, Shanghai dragon is income. The simplest and most effective way to make traffic.

channel, the TITE of the content page and description tags to pay attention to. For example: look at Jiang Hui’s Nanjing advertising company, whether love Shanghai or GG or other search engine rankings are the first two, but very stable. No matter his station home page, channel, page title and description of all are the same but still have good rankings, by what? Listen to me carefully analysis etc.. (here is not to AD he got himself to love the Shanghai search advertising company in Nanjing, including the advertising company rankings are in front of

5: Shanghai dragon training needs? Don’t waste your RMB charges are high, finished you know Shanghai dragon is the thing, but why not own website good rankings? You just want to do is always do not go up


1: the content of the website for the original and around the keyword related to do. For example: a lot of the content of the website is after the collection of pseudo original published, but the content is out of order. This website is not good ranking? Some time ago stations crazy let users have been aware of the ubiquitous spam network if you are in order to achieve ranking, then do not have to write original every day, if you are in the information on the site to retain users, then you need the original, like A5, substantial to the webmaster friends bring learning information, here thank A5 for giving us such a platform


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