Li Jianzhong the link strength evaluation of link quality dimensions

took several App software company has burgeoned in the field of mobile Internet, the valuation of billions of dollars: Instagram, Evernote, FlipBoard, Path, DrawSomthing, I believe many of my friends to see their software functions will have "no doubt some writing and drawing. This software is also worth the price?" if you are from the other.

before reading this article in everyone (or after), I suggest the best read me a year ago I wrote the article "the Internet" this belief, the narrative logic for me to have a clear undertaking. Here to talk about the software, in PC, Pad or Phone client software or App.

In fact,

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both at home and abroad, the company is a subsidiary of the great number of the history of the Internet, is the link to achieve the ultimate company. Noble baby search engine core PageRank is the link between page, created by Amazon is between people and product links, Facebook social networks do is between people link, Apple created the mobile link whenever and wherever possible…

compare them with strong back, we will find that these micro software has one thing in common: the missing link, or low quality.

history can know the rise and fall. Let us briefly review the history of China PC software. Understand the Chinese software industry friends should the network software for having heard it many times: Winamp, RealPlayer, ant, ACDsee, STHVCD, Rising Antivirus, Winzip, QQ……. Besides QQ, other software are now almost disappeared, or decline to negligible. What is the reason behind it? The user needs no longer? This can not be said. In fact, you will find that most of them have similar software active in the present: PPTV, Meitu Xiu Xiu, thunder, storm, 360. Despite the operation, management, founder and other factors, in the end what factors lead to these products of micro

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yesterday in the 36 krypton and Microsoft’s activities, about software or App product innovation logic, I had a slide page about App software must embrace link power (Embracethe Magic ofLinks) ". While investors and entrepreneurs are very interested, unfortunately due to the venue of time, can not be fully developed. Back to Shanghai today, consider writing an Blog details, to share with you the internet.

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