Keywords rapid promotion of the old site of the beloved Shanghai first page ranking


1. bought several of the special Shanghai dragon books, at two weeks, often such as like Admin5 and Shanghai dragon why learning forum, diving for a period of time;

2. through the study, found that there are many problems in the company website, did not consider the subsequent network marketing, not to mention what Shanghai Longfeng planning. Because it is belong to the business website, do not want to make the whole. Decided only to the local re adjustment, make it more consistent with the user experience and network marketing needs, including the adjustment of business classification, according to the classification of re distribution of keywords, partial adjustment framework;

delay in nearly a year of time, as a warning for the future, decided to make their own company website Shanghai dragon, the specific process is as follows:


5. continuous regularly updated news, the industry news according to the main meaning to edit on the website, then this press release to the main industry forum website, blog, micro-blog

6. will be the original registration of the forum account can add all the signature plus website and key signature, often in these forums to show myself;

7. in Shanghai, a lot of love that seriously answer the patent application, trademark registration, trademark search and other professional issues raised by users. This now, I answer the question of the adoption rate of more than 40%. Then love and know Shanghai cooperation, the establishment of the company know love Shanghai cooperation channel, often answer professional problems, increase the chance to show

4. the establishment of the NetEase, such as Sina, Sohu, and Phoenix, Tianya, nearly 10 blog, each blog set for the two optimization keywords, and construct the blog wheel chain, often send blog articles;

The main page of the

3. modified title, meta, description, joined the "Shenzhen Shenzhen such as patent application, trademark registration, trademark search" nearly 10 words, the "internal do a lot in the chain, and gradually add long tail keywords; at the same time, will also do the anchor text and keywords within the chain

company was founded in November 2008, we did not know the network marketing, has been using the bidding way to conduct business, but the investment was essentially flat with the output, and even some money. In July 2010 after listening to the teasing can do network optimization, and entrusted its processing, promised five keywords three months ranking the first page of Shanghai love, to pay a deposit, what reaction three months are not, even in the Shanghai dragon who can not find. Then, in December 2010 to find a company to do network optimization, or commitment ranking five words three months to love the first page of Shanghai, to March 2011, five key words are ranked in the fall in love with the sea from 300 to over 400.

8. in Shanghai in Post Bar answer some users put.


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