No matter how the change of search engine brand is the key on the website after all

2012 China search engine industry can be said to be ups and downs, not only have several K love Shanghai station stationmaster, malicious click event, more people in front of 360 comprehensive search products a bright line and Sogou enemy and friendly relations, in Shanghai and 360 in the year of the search industry was very naughty. But the layman is lively, experts see road, do all the webmaster all know each search products have moves at the same time, we are in his bitter days, the website included a day down thousands of miles, keywords ranking is like a disease, low-spirited, especially long station, profit also hundreds of dollars before a few day, today the site in the search not to fall in love with the sea, it can be said thoroughly back before liberation and so on, this kind of event and everyone would have to emerge in an endless stream, in the Post Bar forum Tucao, scold love Shanghai top 360 shameless, domineering, but the love of Shanghai is ultimately the largest search product market share the 3 is more than 360, certainly not because we complain and deliberately change their marketing strategies, so webmaster is certain vulnerable groups? I don’t think so, because as Lu Songsongbo Passengers say any, depending on the search engine industry is the development of vulnerable groups, if you want to do a good job in the future, then at the foot of the road of the brand must be good.

in fact about the brand for their help, it would be great, just a very simple example, in the 6.28 Shanghai K station when intense love, Lu Songsong and the electric grid blog will be affected, a lot of keyword ranking dropped, but according to the actual operating conditions of Lu Song blog, Lou loose blog and electric grid users concerned about the volume does not suffer a fatal blow, still have very high popularity, which is clearly the brand to give their help, but when their data, although only one keyword out of the first three pages, but the overall flow is less about 30%, while the the sale of this domain name words do go up to restore the loss, this is the brand integration help to us. So for some have many business sites, how can we integrate our brand resources? I think 4 aspects must pay attention to the content:

on the road of the brand, I think is not an empty word, because in the minds of many owners, especially the grassroots webmaster, the brand is just a gorgeous guise, the website wants to have enough attraction must have outstanding performance in the rankings, so the owners on the surface of the support of brand building, actually in order to improve keyword rankings and writing an article about the brand construction, will settle a matter by leaving it unsettled.

is composed of many elements of the brand itself, but its starting point is the integration of communication compared to the starting point, your site’s main business, so we must start from the common point of all business building, such as I do is sell space, domain name and so on, then summarized together is the production and marketing service network. The emphasis in this population, and the direction of brand development is only rely on the Internet this big ring.

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