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Xiaobian know, played college age, this man loves reselling second-hand computer accessories online, Taobao but his own life, so small than the average Taobao sellers are more up to. At present, shopping in Taobao has become a popular fashion, most users are keen on shopping on taobao at home, so this is David to launch a space for one person. The shop is not in trouble, and customer communication is not too difficult, a link can be the most troublesome is the express, which is a ring and customers in direct contact, open shop knows, express is the most demanding, not careful, address or customer data statistical errors, it is difficult to clean up the mess.

two cup of tea drink, David from the blurred dense looked up, smiling proudly, it seems, what good news to their loyal friends. I became behoove listener, he is a typical 80 entrepreneurs, but also Taobao online to crown sellers, busy shop daily affairs, and I can spare a few tea together, this time how

David invited small to his shop location to see, small see this Sanshiliangting housing, decoration simple but not simple, pink ceiling have warmth, small but complete, inside the warehouse stacked full of goods, 35 customer service workers in front of the computer is busy with customers online communication, there is a staff in the delivery inspection, it is used to express a single fly printing software, Xiaobian picked up the printed documents, found not only Shen Tong, tact and other common domestic courier companies, there are international or postal courier documents on this document, I told David software support more than 40 courier company the format, and before they shop for delivery of a comparison document, it is troublesome. The most important point, small series to disclose here, oh, this software is completely free, direct download can use, and no plug-in Oh,

in heavy fog, there is a chance to see online flying courier printing software, he began a new attempt, did not expect an immediate income doubled, why? The original of this free software has simply become a great helper he express, and do not say can store up to thirty thousand recipients and the sender of the information, do not say beautiful printed documents express, just by a little, it saves a lot of time David, that is gently a button, can actually address format automatic identification of taobao, that does not need to manually identify which documents are taobao format, the software can replace this manual to complete the tedious process, do not need to bother taobao sellers.

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all kinds of marketing means only the external "technique", focus on products is the intrinsic Liebo "Tao", the more simple things to release more strong vitality.

data, think Liebo data is very beautiful, you will wonder what Liebo do, in fact, Liebo what did not do, only six words, "focus, focus, focus, product, product, product". This is not without the skills, but the technique is only a small role, not as good as our products. Making clothes is a very dedicated thing. To do it quickly and well, you need to control every node. Last year, we were talking about "everyone operates." now, we are talking about "everyone has products."".

each enterprise has its own short board and long board at a specific time. For example, compared and traditional offline brand planning, we have series of sense is not enough, but Liebo pay more attention to the data analysis, the reaction faster, from consumers closer, this is our strength. Of course, this is also the strong point of e-commerce.

Taobao sells good sellers, they are ZARA’s model: quick response, small amount of money.

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, don’t imagine how extraordinary you are. You just don’t have a fallback. Just like you manage a family, you can’t be in debt. Liebo must be profitable, we need to support yourself. In this way, Liebo to sustainable development, the long, the whole ecological development.

Liebo founder Tang Dafeng, Tang small sister

brands do have tens of millions of road, I think these years a niche brand up, means that individual autonomy is greater, do not care about the outside view. Do not tangle, is a minority or the public, this is only a label to the outside world, to follow your heart is the most important. Like peeling onions, until close to the inside.

market competition is very cruel, but we still hope to find another path, that is because the driving force of the heart, and strive for the good wishes, but not in order to survive in the competition. Liebo is like a beautiful island, have their own ecological naturally, do not need too much halo, don’t want the success of heroes.

," said the man proudly, "you’ve earned over a million this month. You’re fighting a small free software. You know, you like research software, and it’s a special recommendation for you.". Xiaobian I heard a interest, and quickly let him fine way. David is currently using fly express a single print software.

a brand in the initial stage of growth is very self – state, and designer brand to be accepted, to reach a certain height. Just as you find a way at the foot of the mountain, and slowly climb to the top of the mountain, you will not be discovered at first. Because of the cover of trees, people outside can not see you. Only when you are at the top of the mountain, others will be found at the top of the mountain, there is such a person, then you will also want to climb the mountain.


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