Wuhan love Shanghai Guo Yeye Shanghai Longfeng essays

The first

this let me feel the strength of the team, the company has hundreds of business people, awareness of the network are more and more strong, various news websites, in order to prove their identity to take the official website address, every day many people go to the news release, the company is not required, but business people spontaneously to send the chain, from the powerful. In addition, there are a lot of customers, more than thirty thousand, if every website has links to technical support, the chain is very terrible, even the same as IP, but also a great wealth chain. In order to have the power, I love Wuhan love Shanghai Shanghai site recognized by the chain in 9000 above, PR4, spent more than a year, Wuhan love the word Shanghai now has not ranked in the first place, think about their hardships, still have to admit that the great team. The team can easily pick up a person, and a person to stand out, it is time carving and temper.

friend asked me, Wuhan love Shanghai ranked the word out, is not to protect. I replied, no, because Wuhan Shanghai love the word can bring me the real customers, most customers are complaints, this makes me very puzzled, wasted a lot of time, so Wuhan Shanghai love the word stop maintenance. The word ranking is still in the home position, just like before, in the first row.

our company not only with love, Shanghai company is an agency relationship with China Unicom is the cooperative relationship, next year Bai Jie Industrial Park will be completed, and we will be more happy working environment, and between the major industry cooperation will be more closely. The first 400 phone products operate independently of our company, the current business sales situation is excellent, generally good customer response. But due to the limitation of the region, our team can only play in Wuhan, in Hubei, on the regional customers outside the reach. We also intend to make full use of the advantage of network marketing, the development of foreign customers, do large-scale. Network marketing, the fight is the number.

in Wuhan now love the word Shanghai is the official website of www#hbbaidu#com (not AD. For #), the company’s website is not always love to engage in Shanghai Longfeng, company phone sales base, by telephone sales, network marketing can not let go, now came back, that company still attach great importance to network marketing. This website is old, the weight is high, PR is high, the chain is more powerful. Check the site outside the chain, love Shanghai, Google, such as the number of search engines are not very high. There is an honest child, for the chain of sensitivity is relatively low, the chain found in more than 23800, the chain is so high, ranking is also difficult, although the chain is invalid in Shanghai and Google judgment, but the stability of the rankings, but also reflects the love of Shanghai and Google recognition. Reflect from Youdao search results, more than 90% chain www#hbbaidu#com is a one-way link, and many links are of high quality.

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