The old station can use a 301 redirect to the new you


<.Cfheader statuscode=" 301>


in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, 301 redirect is a frequently used function, the main purpose is on the website, or when the site can replace the domain name does not affect the user access to the site, a lot of time to redirect to the search engine is not friendly, but 301 is required to be used, usually in the railway station just on the line, or the old station or revision, the site was K when using 301 of the effect is very good, because 301 to redirect weight good site this time, at the same time can make the weight of old domain name slowly transferred to the new domain name. So in this case we can use this knowledge at the same time, the old station is also the top, can use 301 redirect to the new station.


HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently

ASP under.NET redirection301

under ASP redirection301


After the

Header (" Location:; 贵族宝贝www"

so simple through the introduction of more than the content of most of our new friends can know, the old station when necessary 301 redirect is very important, but also need a 301 redirect with caution, not be free to use

Header (" HTTP/1.1 301; Moved Permanently"

website, many websites due to not timely use 301 redirect, resulting in daily traffic the site is greatly reduced, and the site will appear a lot of content access error, this is the consequence of the user experience of the website declined sharply, easily lead to search engine drop right, so if we in the daily operation of the website once the website or when it is time to replace the domain name must be 301 web site traffic redirection, guarantee and user experience, and the optimization of Shanghai Longfeng staff that if the 301 operation of the site, it actually means that we have the initiative to give up the old site was 301, at the same time, the focus shifted to the new site however, if we want to know if we will be old domain name 301 redirect to the new domain name on it, the old domain name Weight with time passed to the new domain name. The longer the time, the old domain name weight will be less and less.


under PHP redirection

) ) 301

added: the 301 redirect Code:

under ColdFusion redirection

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