The chain and the chain difference and function

as the saying goes "within the chain is king, the chain for the emperor". The chain: also called external links, or links, personally think that the chain that can bring the spider crawling to your access link is called the chain, that is to say to your website links from other web links outside the site. Treat the chain, most beginners there is a misunderstanding, external links should be linked to the web page. This kind of understanding is not accurate. The inside pages of the website also can and should have links, it will enhance the weight of the inside pages also help.

what is the chain of

exactly, the chain should be called reverse links. For example: for any web page A, if there is a "B A" to do a link, no matter from the same site B is a web site or other sites, web pages on the links of B for "A, are anti chain.


the role of the chain: the chain is to provide a number of signs for spider crawling path information, to guide and attract spiders. Note: the chain can be done with a new blog, seduce spider crawling. Anti chain to high weight forum posting, leave the website hyperlink. The chain site is left, not be included into the anti chain, is also useful.

anti chain interactions: the chain is another site to our site to vote, our chain more that our value is higher, the higher the weight. Our chain more, we get in the search engine’s score (PR) is higher, the higher the score our ranking is better.

chain is refers to from other websites into their own websites. For example: for any web page A, any other web site B, if B do A links to a web page, then this link to "A, it is a chain. The chain is a very important process for the website optimization, the quality of the chain determines the weight of our website in search engine.

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what is the chain of

chain: accurate terms should be called reverse links. The reverse link refers to the relationship between the two "direct. For example, there are two "," X "and" X Y, in the form of a hyperlink link to "Y," X "is then the reverse link Y. The chain also belongs to the chain. I met a webmaster, he is going to do the chain weight high website forum posting, leave hyperlink. I also went to see him posting forum posting in the forum, a few minutes to be grabbed love Shanghai. Every day he would go crazy in the post, so the chain number up to more than 1000 a month. I see now that his anti chain, the chain rather than the beginning of the article said with my own understanding to summarize the characteristics of anti chain and chain: you published a post on any website, leaving super links to your site, if this post is included in the search engine, it call the chain; not to be included, it can only be called the chain.

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