The essence of Shanghai dragon to explore and prospect (competence) analysis


this is the "Shanghai dragon 3.0+": from the beginning to understand user groups (keyword analysis) – > set up to meet the needs of users (website construction and website content platform) – > the access flow and user site free (Shanghai dragon target execution) – "the transformation to further guide and achieve user needs (the page experience Optimization and data analysis excavation)

1, data analysis: Shanghai dragon data, site statistics, digging into.


Shanghai dragon team structure:

for search engine optimization, the past simple keyword ranking is no longer synonymous with Shanghai dragon "". So, what is the search engine optimization (Shanghai, 3.0+)?, what is the essence of Shanghai dragon 3.0+

station in the network marketing point of view, compared to the SEM can predict control and the effect of the judgment and comparison. The essence of Shanghai dragon is one of the marketing channels: low cost, accuracy.

3.0+, a Shanghai dragon essence and analysis:


due to the operation characteristics of Shanghai Longfeng varied to supplement the essential qualities for Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, there will be a Shanghai dragon team structure as a starting point for the representation and analysis:

seen from the figure, in the Shanghai dragon team structure, Shanghai dragon task is subdivided into 5 aspects of cooperation to achieve the goal, especially for the large number of small and medium-sized sites, only rely on single-handed power to do the Shanghai dragon, has become a thing of the past era. Therefore, including several qualities of Shanghai Longfeng personnel present it must have:

two, for the Shanghai dragon staff, need to have the necessary quality of what kind of

? ?

by the above process visible, Shanghai dragon 3.0+ is through the analysis of understanding of user groups, and precisely for keywords positioning audience after. On the website platform to meet the access needs of users and the stage of transformation, with the sustainable and stable Shanghai Longfeng cycle to complete the target coverage and cost control competition.

under the search requirement, user groups and guidance in promoting change; Shanghai Longfeng, led by the content 1: keyword search algorithm BUG the accumulation phenomenon in the early stage of coexistence and malicious. Until the 2 to weight the dominant phase of the upgrade: the website weight concept so that a large number of the chain construction entered a crazy era. Today, Dongguan Shanghai dragon IDE search opinion: around the update and development of user experience, and guide the search optimization algorithm, Shanghai dragon 3.0+ is a new attitude to the user is dominant.

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