Square dance case analysis in-depth thinking two another conflict

square dance number

1, how much is the high density of


believes deeply realize the importance of keyword distribution friends may pay more attention to the "keyword density, because the density of the key words sometimes determines the web page ranking, but here is an important factor to affect the page rank is repeated by keyword pages related to emphasize the role of our general requirements density between 2%-8%, may be less than 2% the correlation will be a lot worse, more than 8% are likely to be search engine that cheating, it is common sense, but in the square dance home throughout the page search words" square dance "we can see on this page keywords has more than 100, and measured by Chinaz webmaster tools on the keyword density to exceed the standard 12.6%, this may be inadequate for page layout.

of course, these two issues are not today I want to talk about the idea behind, if you have a chance to discuss with you. Today I want to exchange with you is still some ideas about the square dance according to the case, because the front has done a thorough analysis, in the analysis process, we can see some of the usual do not see the problem, or with our usual thinking of conflict problems, detailed analysis to introduce some own under the surface.

consider, as a senior expert of Robin may not be aware of such a problem, then it may be intentional? Or love Shanghai for keywords tolerance is not limited to the 8% category? Or really said that as long as the keywords appear naturally good? With this thinking, I find the love of the official release of Shanghai search engine optimization guide and love Shanghai webmaster forum, there is not a clear stipulation on the keyword density, but recognized as the highest in the 10%, and then think of the personal blog before "Shanghai dragon" keywords over 8% is right down the case, I felt this in a flagrant way beyond does not seem to be able to tolerate, check the Robin share, found that the site is love Shanghai kill two times, believe it could be One of the factors, then the keyword density or not are at risk to the risk of Spam as a crime against the wind.

For the Robin


in front of the square dance case from my personal point of view in-depth thinking, may be some basic skills, but to use some skills comprehensive Shanghai Longfeng work is quite good, especially for the no system of friends is very important. Recently in many groups to meet some friends think Shanghai dragon is very simple, the individual is still a little worried, because Shanghai Long Fengzhen is not so simple, but to really learn Shanghai Longfeng, here is not only refers to the implementation of the Shanghai dragon, but to really want to establish a good system of knowledge and structure of Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai dragon global view Shanghai dragon.


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