Suddenly the webmaster website snapshot file vulnerable


first update website frequently. Many webmasters will because the site in front of the line did not consider good to do what kind of keywords, the selected keywords because the competitiveness of large, or very popular keywords, users can not have love. Then they will want to change the keywords, the spider is because words came to the site, often change keywords website that the spider can not judge, this operation is likely to make the search engine K station. Encountered such a situation, not to say that words cannot be replaced, to replace the best is to do a one-time replacement for success. Keywords replacement is completed to timely update the content, add the keyword related articles, the search engine will have a stage of adaptation, fine website snapshot update it.

station every day to protect the own website, the first thing in the morning is to open the computer, view the site keywords ranking, website snapshot is updated overnight, but the search engine is sometimes very suck, often ventilation state, like many websites snapshot yesterday appeared the phenomenon of file, and are returned to the No. 9, this phenomenon is very common, the search engine exhaust is to what? The correction webmaster website snapshot suddenly vulnerable.

second: website frequently collected. The frequent collection site is not much meaning to the search engine spiders to crawl, every day there are many websites, see your site content is repeated, the weight of high standing can be, the weight is not high site is likely to have been K station. Collect the website when the snapshot, the best is to reduce the number of possible acquisition, increase the original content of the site, let the spider have something to crawl to the site, change the website in search engine image. So this also gives weight not high standing raised up, the webmaster love their articles get high weight website delivery, send the chain spider, in their own site has not been included in the other case, it is best not to stand, the weight of high standing will be included, but you will not stand to be included, the spider will think you’re cheating, acquisition.

again: website competitiveness is strong, the server is under attack. What will have such a view, in the business circle the game this time, yesterday has many sites are snapshot back to 9, it will mean the site to be right down, or has been plucking love Shanghai. This website is basically the top few. The site is attacked, the server can not afford to attack, there will be collapse, site access speed can not keep up, the spider can not enter the site data capture, the spider will think this site is the site in question, then a snapshot of correction, stay in the observation period. So whether it is to play or not to play a webmaster, should.

not updated snapshot, snapshot, this problem has emerged, webmasters have to think of ways to solve it, find the cause of the problem, and to solve the problem. Kedeng webmaster according to their own experience to tell you why.

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