Some thoughts on major revision of the A5 Forum

Hello, I am an ordinary personal webmaster, many webmaster forum for A5 are very familiar with, I almost every day to visit the A5 station network and the A5 forum, A5 forum has just found a large revision, even the domain name changed. Before I learned that Shanghai dragon WHY has major revision, the revised Shanghai dragon WHY is more concise, now A5 forum also changed, now the A5 forum than the old version of the more in line with the user experience, why? The new version of the A5 Forum opened a new domain name, instead of the original two the domain name, in addition, the forum section changes is relatively large, all sections are divided into several categories: information, business, trade, task and source code, hardware, links, the overall impression is clear, at the same time to remove the release of soft paper links section, key prominent is the webmaster Trading forum the major revision of the forum, A5 forum the author has the following ideas:

on the Internet, which we don’t have long winded, the owners of these websites or forums, in fact, the contents are similar, many owners of such sites are often reproduced on other websites, and more webmaster forum into the chain of human resources in Shanghai dragon. Because some webmaster forum lack of strict management, resulting in Shanghai love ruthless K station, because love Shanghai algorithm of content and user experience of the increasingly high demand, the chain of garbage too much of the site is very dangerous, before the A5 forum to cancel the signature function, now simply removing the chain section. See the webmaster forum after the operational direction from here cannot, my personal understanding is that after the owners of such forum to strictly control the chain webmaster forum posts, user group is the individual webmaster webmaster friends, the demand is what? Is the two core content: webmaster webmaster exchange and transaction This is the two major demands of the webmaster, also is the webmaster to the webmaster forum. So webmaster forum to these two aspects, now A5 forum focused is the webmaster for trading.

second: the construction of the chain must not overdo sth.

is the personal webmaster, as a webmaster must understand Shanghai dragon, the construction of the chain is the day we have to do, but with the love Shanghai algorithm change, especially this year has launched the original spark program, the signs that the content and user experience is the soul of the website. Shanghai Longfeng friends should be aware of the construction of the chain is more and more difficult, the main reason is that many sites began to resist and refuse advertising chain content, revision of the A5 forum also revealed that this problem, with the Shanghai dragon industry continues to grow, Shanghai Longfeng practitioners are also more and more, of course, the garbage chain disaster caused by flooding water. Now the construction of the chain must not overdo sth., construction too much garbage outside the chain is not only not good for optimization, but will be in love with the sea as a cheat, does more harm than good.

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: the first operational direction of

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