Talk about my hemorrhoids it is how to do keyword ranking home

quiz content, search keywords according to know or Soso Ask for content. In fact, most of the problem itself is a good long term, if we reasonable combination of several common questions, is a very good title. You can say the website weight enough, these bring traffic also is very substantial. Some of them and then into a reasonable organization question effective content. An original was ok.

Another is how to use the

2. when 10 years, do the mainstream pattern is guest single page + the chain, I had to borrow against the weight before several domain names, survive in the relative ranking of a product for a few months, but do not pay attention to good times don’t last long, resulting in improved communication, only short-lived, so communication with it is very important to study. If you can find a few friends to talk to talk, you will progress quickly.


4.’s Shanghai dragon two elements (content + chain) one of the updates, I do not know the original, I can only take the original artifacts. I also take my hemorrhoids station as an example: I mainly to two aspects: love and love of Shanghai /soso Shanghai /gg news quiz platform.

search "hemorrhoids" and then switch to the news, you will see some news related content, the content is reproduced not much, get back to modify part of yourself, then the appropriate reasonable distribution of some position in the chain, it can be regarded as a good pseudo original.

3. to make money of others is not open, open out the basic things are out of date, there is no free lunch. So to remind you that one: don’t come up to ask what the project does not. The key is its own observation, and then study why does he do it? If you want to be able to earn a little money can go to see the pig. I said not to do is study the Navy, and the navy recruit people, how do they perform this task, how do they benefit from.

5. I to talk about the chain. In the beginning, the link is very hard, in fact mainly people is not willing to exchange with the new station. I originally in addition to their own several stations are mainly built, blog, forum signature in >

1. personal webmaster is not easy, especially without technology owners, if they rely on this money to live, would have died, so I suggest that in the early time can be part-time to do, so little is done, if you put more time and energy to have more income, can devote to do.


my hemorrhoids bar to site now for a year, from the beginning to the present day Ip 350+, after ranking on the home page to be K, to restore the rank to the station you can rely on this to solve the problem of food and clothing, the talk do stand a little feeling for a year:

I love Shanghai in

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