Content marketing operation method can be used to guide the practice of the method

from the following aspectsFirst of all, you have to find the

the content of the website is divided into two parts, one part generated by the user, is a part of our own. Or not show our professionalism, then this part of our.

! ? ?The

1, let the user generated content to

method can establish, forum, blog, question answering system, and customer interviews, each customer for our cooperation can be made into a video, etc. a variety of methods.

industry professionals, let him give us share. Why? Because people have the urge to share, especially professionals are more willing to share their expertise, do not believe we see the topic very professional to Wikipedia, they did not leave a link to Wikipedia ah, ah what an ad. They are simply sharing their expertise. So we must find the industry professionals, let them come to your website. They share the chances of great


2, how to attract user generated content

!Secondly, the use of benefits to attract

finally, form the user’s communication, this, I give it for example, we can see a "114 standard net" here I will not detail. Students who are interested to study

3, our own website to add what

. We can still learn from experience. Why can the Encyclopedia of fire, a large part of the reason is because the extension staff contributions, the promotion personnel created a number of entries, the number of edit entries, estimates are difficult to statistics. Their purpose is very clear. This is the use of this platform to promote their own interests by


is not sounded around? We know, we let the user to generate content is a method of operation is simple, so how do we let the user generated content to us? We can consider

user created content, is certainly of interest to the user, but also encountered the same types of problems is not a user, as long as enough users, you can create enough content to us. We look at the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love, to understand this truth, Wikipedia should be all Shanghai dragon inside a website optimization best. How can we let the user generated content to our

content marketing is the concept of the recent fire, we can know the importance of content marketing from the following two points, love Shanghai algorithm for frequent updates, if we are concerned about the renewal of its algorithm, will know love Shanghai now have the awareness to the station guide, the original content of high quality home advocate. The second is that we can observe your own brand of love, which one is true, the value of content, we can solve the real problem in a certain aspect, so we webmaster how to do marketing

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