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for the old station, but for the new station, in registering a domain name, you should consider the optimization of the key words, keywords can appear in the domain that search engine for, also allows users to achieve a good user experience, focus on electric district, your domain name is the business Pinyin. Users remember more clearly, we will come directly to your site in the search, increase website users to the site, let the user stickiness on the website, users love the search engine will love, so your site will be a lot of traffic from search engines.


Internet contest of Shanghai dragon like a raging fire, electric district in Shanghai love index is also increasing, a group of people around the business circle in the round, keywords electric district rankings, also the day will have a different site on the rise in the fall, the keywords ranking in the end how to do web site keywords today? And you talk about business ranking techniques.

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website update to update keywords and keywords, and finally write the article, the words in the title of the article, in the first paragraph and the last paragraph, do the keywords, the search engines will be from the first paragraph to the last paragraph, so the search engine on your the site can also have a sort of understanding. Website original content to increase keyword anchor text link to the web page, so as to improve the weights of the home page, also can give keywords to improve weight. Original content to get to other places in the submission, the source to write on their website.

now has chosen well, for the old station, you need to change the site keywords, the old station in the keywords should pay attention to key words to modify the one-time completion, the modified search engine will have a process on the website of the judge, will bring influence to the site’s ranking, search engine needs a recovery the process, in this process, do not go to make changes to the site, the site through the review period. For the new online site, site to site title, in front of the line keyword, description written, title is the best in business at the beginning, then add other keywords. Keywords on the site in the density to control, new sites don’t one-time increase too much new keywords, not stable, easy to search engine to K station.

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website, the website should take into account the increase in the number of keywords in the site appears in the update, the establishment of key words in the site, doing keyword ranking, website update on classification, increase keyword classification content, this kind of user and search engine came to your station this will grab more content, classification, increase the weight to the keywords, increase visibility.