Shanghai Longfeng alias is cheating Shanghai dragon er the effort to reverse this idea.

some people think that Shanghai dragon in violation of the rule of the search engine, in fact, on the contrary, Shanghai dragon is the search engine friends. The search engine to provide useful information to users, information source was necessary. Search engine friendly, easy collection, prominent theme, rich content of the website is to provide information for the search engine, to meet the needs of the users, the search engine welcome. If the online website net are not easy included page, the search engine is really big.

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, that is Shanghai dragon tricks on the website, the search engine is drilled loopholes, a site can only get 50 points, with looks like is 90 points, so as to improve the ranking. The real Shanghai dragon is not so. Shanghai Longfeng purpose is stronger than the 50 points of the website, website appears disguised as 90 points, but the 50 site reinforcement can really get 90 points.

Shanghai dragon involves a very broad, is not on the page in the accumulation of some keywords so simple. Do the keyword research and competitor survey, which is in the understanding of user needs, the content of the website is also extended to meet the needs of users. Good website structure and internal links is to improve the user experience is very important, the optimization of the page also allows users to more easily grasp the key content, easy to browse. Flow analysis and improvement strategies, equivalent to pay attention to user feedback, to improve the website. Public relations well external link building is another kind of form, more effectively interact with other web sites and users. So, the whole process of Shanghai dragon is to do the site, there is a world of difference and cheating.

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and search engine itself in Shanghai dragon. YAHOO and MSN are the open recruitment of Shanghai Longfeng personnel, optimize their own website.

online is mentioned on the blog spam people would have said, is the Shanghai dragon job. Even many Internet practitioners also hold this idea. This should be the early Shanghai dragon cheating, spam negative impression caused you, is to blame. Shanghai dragon has attracted more and more concern and attention of the Internet industry, but there is no doubt that the Shanghai dragon in many Internet users in the minds of reputation is not good. In many people’s eyes, Shanghai dragon cheats is tantamount to cheating, the mention of Shanghai dragon, people think of sending spam and keywords accumulation.

also because of this, the noble baby have many employees are active in blogs, forums, publishing information, answer questions, and actively participate in the search engine marketing industry conference. In some form to guide the webmaster do Shanghai dragon. Love Shanghai in 2010 April launched a semi official love Shanghai club owners, according to the related problems of Shanghai Longfeng answer. Noble baby and Bing released Shanghai dragon tutorial. The major search engines have never opposed Shanghai dragon, and even can be said to support the white hat Shanghai dragon o