Dissecting the top four portals of nternet money makingThe United States Mission Network CEO Wang X

beauty network founder and CEO Wang recently when asked about the next step of entrepreneurial orientation, the IT industry famous serial entrepreneur said meituan might be his last start, local living services have a brilliant future, I won’t go to do anything else, "Wang Xing said.

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, as Wang Xing said, "the local life service market does have a lot of room.". It mainly includes five vertical fields: dining, hotels, movies, KTV, wedding.

according to the relevant data show that in 2014 the hotel market will be more than 300 billion yuan, the scale of the catering industry will be more than 3 trillion yuan, KTV market size of over one hundred billion yuan, the film market size of nearly 30 billion yuan, the wedding market is also more than 800 billion yuan scale.

, teacher Liu Keya

portal features: 2009 "quella marketing" swept the Internet, I also benefited greatly, the marketing method of Keya Liu is very powerful, changed the fate of countless entrepreneurs. The secret behind the marketing embodies many people’s wisdom and essence, like Gary and Halberte. Yabulahan Jie, Philip Kotler and so on the top of the world masters. In a sense, the teacher is Chinese quella marketing industry Mount Taishan and the North Star.

heads: understand, teacher,

Internet industry there is a general consensus that the Internet can be disassembled into "people, goods, information, services" four elements, each element is the opportunity to connect giant. Including sh419 connect people and information, the search engine market size of 50 billion yuan; Ali connect people and goods, online shopping market scale reached 2 trillion yuan; the Tencent to connect people and people, SNS and IM market size of more than ten billion yuan; while the United States is to connect people and businesses, the size of the local life services market reached 4 trillion yuan. Is the largest piece of the market.

portal features: the earliest contact, understand, understand the teacher, is to read a book called "day earn 50>"

head: Wang Zijie, teacher Wang Tong,


first portal: Marketing faction

2010, the beginning of the creation of the group, to buy as the breakthrough point, after more than a year, become the boss in the field of buy. In order to achieve greater development space, the United States Mission Network horizontal development, in-depth penetration of the film, hotels, takeaway and other vertical areas, to create a connection between people and businesses of the local life service platform. June this year, the United States Mission Network turnover exceeded 3 billion 100 million yuan, is expected in 2014 the annual turnover will reach 45 billion yuan. More commendable is that the United States Mission network currently has 90 million active mobile users, mobile applications for the platform contributed more than 70% of the amount of transactions. At present, the United States Mission network has become China’s largest distributor of film tickets and the largest hotel group distributors.

it is worth mentioning that, Mr. Wang Zijie is an Internet marketing mentor, his approach is mainly marketing oriented, using the Internet as the carrier. And Wang Tong teacher is SEO master, his theory is to flow oriented, to marketing as the carrier. It is now two Wang has in combination, I can only say: this unprecedented combination is really too bad! Too strong!

Wang Xing introduced: "to the United States group this year is expected to about 40000000000 yuan turnover, in the local living services market accounted for only about 1%.". At present, there are 1 billion 300 million people in the country, the U.S. group only 100 million people, the U.S. group fifty or sixty of thousands of business cooperation in the two hundred or three hundred city now, this is the total number of 1/10 business, from the following perspective, our work has only just begun."

the U.S. group’s largest online movie ticket distribution platform opal film, the number of active users exceeded ten million, thousands of theater cooperation. Last year, sales of more than 1 billion 500 million yuan, in June this year, the monthly turnover exceeded 500 million yuan, and now, every 6 tickets sold in the country, there is a movie from the cat’s eye. This year, the Hollywood blockbuster "Godzilla" and "Transformers 4" released three days, cat movie contributes about 30% of the market share, the amount is more than 40%.

I believe many friends like me, like reading novels, especially chivalry and so on. Sometimes I think the Internet is an arena, we are all the people in the political arena, or martial arts master, or nothing. And behind every one of the top famous master has a stunning Juexue, and gradually form a portal. Like the ancient Shaolin, Wudang, Emei, Kunlun.

but "quella marketing" theory is not based on the Internet, so that the individual is not considered a true Internet marketing.

portal features: Wang Zijie teacher is China’s first Internet marketing, but also really put the Internet and marketing together to create a leader. In 2008 its unique "real secrets of God" and "limit blasting technology to the grassroots level Internet wealth caused far-reaching influence! Led by its super team is extraordinary magic magic. And Wang Tong teacher is the network SEO sector level master, his one dozens of pages of e-books competing to sell to 1200 yuan, crazy sell thousands of books, light this book income earned about 1000000. He planned hundreds of thousands of cases are level, such as Tencent, pat Network of large enterprises like his SEO method, at least a year, one hundred million of the advertising fee, one of his Adsense ideas, let shlf1314 had to interrupt a global recommendation service. Like the master, we can also be far behind, although fortunate enough to become his student, on the amount of knowledge and experience are far less than his 1/10000.

second portal: Internet marketing faction

third portal: Internet creativity faction