New station to love Shanghai smoothly through the review period

We talked about a possible

second, it is a tool to attract users, the influence of the chain would now be more and more small, only the icing on the cake for the web site keywords our ranking. Now more and more by the chain pile is more and more unstable reason lies in this, because this is a user experience is king of the times. But the user experience is the most important one is to look at the content of your website is not able to attract users, can help users or solve user queries in the mind. Do you like if you are in a strong chain pile up ranking is very unstable, because every link is to have life, the more you do outside the chain, the chain every day you lost the more, this is one of the important factors causing ranked outside the chain of pile up.

for some new friends just entered the Shanghai dragon industry facing the constantly changing Shanghai love a little puzzled, so often received some new friends for problems in some of the group, I recently asked how love Shanghai a month has not included my site, or what is for such a long time to love Shanghai I included a home page, or why love Shanghai for such a long time do not give me the website keywords ranking and similar problems.

content, everyone thought that the high quality original content, when it comes to the original is a headache, said he is not very good at writing. In fact is not the case, there is an article that is clearly written page value. If your website published an original article reproduced by Sina, it will still be ranked in front of your website. Why is it so, because it is the authoritative website, because people’s web server >

first, we should do before, how to operate on how to operate. Don’t think so long time not included or for such a long time love Shanghai to me is not my website ranking, what is wrong, so nosy. Here a suggestion change here, there is some proposal to change some there. In fact, this is very dangerous, because the search engines do not recognize you and you give it a face. Show that you are a part of the changeable website, this feeling makes it feel very reliable, both sides are more difficult to establish a trust relationship. Change every time you will once again cause the search engine of doubt, so here I suggest you better not in the search engine evaluation period to change some important things you have through the website.

actually I also feel the same, because the author is currently doing a new station, also encountered similar problems included and keywords ranking time. I did a lot of blog is as is the case in other search engines are normal, I love Shanghai regardless of the site or blog will be neither hot nor cold. In fact, I know this is normal, not what, as long as we do the things they should do will be fine. This time love Shanghai examination carry in the past, our spring is not far away, so we have to talk about how to better carry over the review period it love Shanghai.

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