How to use the skills to make the new ranking offbeat quickly over the old site


chain and anti chain is a basic web site to attract outside help, since the establishment of the site after the completion of the exchange of 2 Links, industry website the two Links is basically the same with the station, because of its high correlation website in the exchange chain is love Shanghai is included; but the chain is the use of some means of formation, but the chain are formal in nature, such as an article Sina formed a quality chain, a chain and my contribution in stationmaster net, finally I still love Shanghai Post Bar made several anti chain it can be said, anti chain is natural and nature is very high. >

simple procedures and good content

Will start running on the basis of


the quality and quality of the chain chain


has recently been thinking about a problem, how to make a new website ranking more than an old site in just a few days? I hold this idea in a few days before the establishment of a new station, then according to the method of summing up their own experience with the construction site, where the thought of short a few days later it quickly exceeded the website ranking dozens of hundreds of the old site.

stable and high quality


see the website set up time and ranking will make countless stationmaster feel unbelievable, but this is not a difficult thing, the key is to seize the key, let the site’s ranking increased step by step, then this is a website how to operate in such a short time in the rankings to the first page

domain name server

after a website with the foundation, part of the program is running, this website uses zblog open source program is the blog program, zblog believes that many webmaster friends heard of or used, this program is the biggest advantages of stability and simple, no complicated function there is no complex code, understand a little bit optimization friends can easily play; and good content includes website daily updated content, I am in the two site updated daily content of no less than 3000 words, and it is my hand writing, to ensure the reasonable and effective operation of the entire site the spider came to the site, to ensure profitable.

this site is used by 10M servers, the monthly rent to 1000 yuan, and is famous for hosting the website, from set up to now has not been a server instability phenomenon; and the domain name of the website and the object of the establishment of the closely related, to ensure that the domain name weight driven performance the time, search keywords to search the domain name. The domain name server and a web site is the foundation, if it were not well then don’t want to take the next steps, so tell the webmaster friends here: children can’t set the wolf, will have to pay in return.

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