On the bottom navigation website how to design more conducive to optimization and user experience

Liu Zongyang believes that the 3 kinds of design style.



the list of products reducing weight, diet pills which of these two words are link to the home page, and the most effective weight-loss drug, with the right base which brand is good these two words to the corresponding column page chain.

1, part of the Webmaster Station is so designed that the main key repeat site, then they will all be at home.


39 Health Net presented at the bottom of the third kinds of simple design style navigation for us.

well, the design style of the 3 bottom navigation you have to understand, maybe someone will ask, since the existence of these 3 kinds of design style, which design style is good, don’t worry, the next Liu Zongyang and you talk with.

3, some of this, design the bottom navigation is quite simple, only the copyright statement or contact us, please see below.

actually, it is because most of the bottom of the CMS without navigation module, so webmaster friends more blindly, do not know how to design good, in the end there are several bottom navigation website design style, Liu Zongyang through observation and analysis, found that the navigation design is nothing more than the following 3.

2, some stations at the bottom of the navigation is designed so that, in addition to repeat the one or two main keywords, also the important column page main navigation not listed below, and then point to the corresponding column page.

why think about this topic, this is because many owners do not really understand the program, basic is a ready-made CMS an entire station, simple modification on the line, the rest is updated daily articles, send the chain, then doing a few months, but the result actually be quite different, some webmaster keywords the ranking is up, and some even go up at station place is always unstable, that is why, that is at the bottom of the site navigation design plays a role.

the weight loss drug list 2012, the fastest and most effective weight-loss drug, best is what the three main keywords all point to the home page.

said the bottom navigation, presumably you webmaster friends all know what it is, but specifically how to optimize the design more in line with the user experience, this is probably the Public opinions are divergent.. Once on the Internet to find relevant information, but it is not an exact statement, also feel very confused, Liu Zongyang today is high index word for the more than 4000 weight-loss drug, site analysis of natural top 30, find the bottom navigation their design ideas, want to give everyone a revelation, I hope my friends more valuable advice.

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