Links effect is far more important than we think

Effect of

on Links I think can from the following aspects:

fourth, can enhance the visibility of our website. This >

first, PR. Links is quite a good way for the promotion of PR, especially to change their own website PR output, while PR of sex Shanghai search engine for the stationmaster didn’t seem to be what role, actually not, when you exchange links, some people tend to regard as PR is an important indicator of sometimes is to a small PR transaction failed.

now about the website Links, many webmaster friends think it a contemptuous disregard for the website weight, promotion, or website ranking, not what role, but after long time observation, found that Links action is absolutely important than we imagined, today is the weekend, love Shanghai and a small update look, find keyword ranking dropped, and decreased with the keyword ranking Links relationship, websites that I almost did not how the tube, below is the ranking of www.huayiqimo贵族宝贝 Keywords:

to the customer site I is not how, because there are 6 hand, 7 customer sites, to be honest customers is to flicker, a genius for 24 hours, can’t spend too much time on them, so if every day to take care of those sites. Will make you very tired, for the optimization of client website skills can see I last wrote the "Shanghai dragon combat experience: how to easily respond to the client’s website". So this toy website is to rely on Links to maintain, just a week, half a month to send the chain, now some keyword ranking dropped, even dropped to 100 outside, is directly with the Links relationship, today found that these words are to remove the link for each other, connected by others, I believe everyone can feel very angry, but can’t just kind of flat gas and to consult them back, some not to find a new object.

Second, improve the



third, can improve the site weight. This is very important, only your weight high, search engine will pay attention to you. Whether it is the customer’s site or your own website, have a certain weight will make your keywords ranking up, ranking is more stable, so when the site has some weight, I rely on Links to maintain the

keyword ranking. One purpose of this exchange is the most important Links, its importance does not have to say, to optimize the customer site, what they want is the keywords ranking, and they give you the key words are limited, as we do in Shanghai dragon to customers, are generally 3, 5 words, if you put those keywords to the home page, you can ", so this is the most important factor Links


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