How to reduce the impact on the website optimization



finally, or that sentence: Shanghai dragon is to think about the process takes time and work. Although after the website of website optimization will have a certain impact, but as long as to avoid these effects, through continuous efforts, can make these effects to a minimum.

four a day, adhere to the original update

actually do Shanghai dragon is to insist, every day of the chain and content. Persevere, you will certainly do a good job site.

optimization know, Links is the highest weight inside the chain. Through some related industry links and weight higher than its own web site, to enhance the weight of their own website, let love Shanghai on its website – friendly.

, looking for high quality Links

is the only way to

two, from the point of

many people are now ignored in the construction of the chain, actually in the chain is also very important in the chain, if done properly, can let the spider try to stay at your site for a long time, it can be included more pages to your site, the weight and ranking will soon come up. General can do in the.


owners are basically single-handed operations, the original contents every day certainly can not, but love is not love Shanghai plagiarism, it can only be pseudo original, the collected articles do some modifications. There is the content of the theme of the site, and can bring certain value.

Three, the construction of the chain of

tutorial: how to reduce the Shanghai dragon website bring influence on the optimization?

website is a matter of each site will experience, a progress is the website, but after the revision of Shanghai Longfeng optimization effect will influence, such as a web site in the search engine’s weight and included. Shaoxing Shanghai Longfeng next Xiaobian introduce some measures, hope to inspire a bit.

what are the benefits of it, first of all, you can increase the chain site. Secondly, the popular keyword is easier to do. Finally, make up, not easy to fall down.

keywords loopholes The

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