How to create a highly related products website


second: with the construction of the chain of


we do Shanghai dragon knows, whether for ranking or for the user experience, related sites are very important, and the product stand is even more so. In order not to "cry up wine and sell vinegar", and how should we improve product station, improve the conversion rate of flow


: first with the expertise to edit the content of

of each product, behind every industry will have a huge knowledge and historical background, we want to buy products on the Internet, the first thing is to tell our customers the products what is knowledge, what features, what use. But due to lack of knowledge, the author found that many products stand webmaster is a collection of others or their own articles, out of order without the editing of some of the so-called "original content", some even mislead buyers, allowing users to experience very bad. So, the product must have professional website is particularly important, but that’s easy to say, difficult to write, what should be what professional articles? I think we should do these requirements:

light with the content of the website is still not successful products, products need to be extended to known, so do the chain is a kind of effective method for product promotion. But not every kind of methods are suitable for the chain product website. Some webmaster too obsessed with the Shanghai dragon, the chain just as provided >

(2) on the description of the product. Describe a product with many aspects, for example, you want to buy a mobile phone, mobile phone, mobile phone from the price model, the use of mobile phone, mobile phone and so on to describe the advantages, according to these aspects to edit a series of articles, this website allows correlation improved, but also allows users to fully understand you are.

(1) collected articles should pay attention to. The author does not deny the acquisition will make the product appear station does not have relevance and professional, in fact, if you know how to collect articles, to improve the product stand correlation is very useful. The acquisition as far as possible to some articles starting large portals, don’t go to some small collection, because the station may be modified after repeated collection was released, which may differ from the original article, the professional is not good. In the collection of articles, the articles are mixed together as much as possible, of course, there must be a rational, this is the science of the acquisition.


sold products, operating products website friends all know, do need to understand some of the products of product related knowledge, even if a webmaster do not understand their own products, then go to promote the product introduction. The product website is the most taboo "cry up wine and sell vinegar", also is the correlation enough, such sites often failed.

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