The success of the website promotion needs to hold a high weight, high index, high demand

according to CNNIC, the majority of Internet users demand the three most is music, video and news. In several major video portal site, click on the amount of a lot of video than hits an article to be high, in addition to its weight is very high, the general search of some popular keywords, many video sites are in the front row, so the use of video website promotion is a good model. But in the use of video points need to promote it, there must be a keyword traffic, people search, video production and not write because of that, there is a certain degree of difficulty, it is not possible to mining thousands or even tens of thousands of the long tail, we need to release so many videos, after all, the size of the space is not allowed. The two is making video is sure to make a meaningful video, the video not only speak generally not recognized by everyone, but always think you are advertising, the natural effect called a discount.

: the first high high weight of the video portal website

billboard that all eyes and ears are given. Many users contact billboard is from Shanghai love home started, in fact the many owners are already doing, but everyone’s different ideas, the effect is also different. In fact, the billboard can be extended to a lot of valuable topics such as traffic, in addition to the daily top ten love Shanghai billboard, and real hot, fifty of the top seven hot search and attention, said new words. It also includes the characters, events, entertainment, life and other more than 10 popular industry search ranking. In addition, there are QQ space inside the hot topic today, it is a very large amount of search topics, we do the promotion, you need to carefully screened, find their own industry keywords and organization, so every day can bring a lot of traffic to our website. So, after knowing a direction, to maximize the mining and derivative of it, bring the biggest effect for us.

website promotion this is a nobody in the webmaster know, Wurenbuxiao, improve website popularity and flow no no. The network method for induction, website promotion of thousands every day, derived a new promotion methods, but not every kind are suitable for their own use, for example, some people use micro-blog can achieve 10 single day volume, and some of it is every day is cold so clear. Why is there such a reason? In fact, this is just some webmaster to follow suit to see someone with a good mentality, oneself also follow, as the saying goes, in a useful way to five hundred people are not useful. So we need to operate in website promotion? Today I talk to you about how to use high technology to achieve efficient website promotion.

second: high retrieval amount of love Shanghai billboard


third: high demand Q >


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