On the long tail keywords Strategy Deployment

long tail key deployment effect to achieve the most ideal state is that each page can be very quick search engine rankings have to admit, when you get the long tail word, each has the long tail word page will be introduced to the flow entrance, so that each page plays its role. According to previous experience, a specific deployment within 3 pages long tail keywords. If according to the long tail keywords to expand the editor, this is the best form of expression. For large web content more than a case, try to use the form of the show catalogue.

here in Huainan Zhicheng network www.help8.cn Xiaobian to talk about an old promble and everyone, that is the long tail keywords deployment strategy. For the old station, and Shanghai dragon Er have experienced if I don’t see the value of a waste of time can be bypassed, this paper is aimed at the novice, grassroots webmaster write personal experience, there are different opinions are welcome paizhuan.

in the long tail keywords maintenance, mainly focus on search engines have included the situation. Check whether the article was collected, included after the long tail keywords in the search engine about what position. For a strong expansion of keywords, can reflect the special form of the directory, directory, master / project with all the key.

in content reflects, mainly reflected in the final page of content on the site. Try to keep this page succinctly, must highlight the content of this page was key, the focus is on the long tail word and planning content, content to be unique. We also notice that the page long tail keywords exposure this probability is controlled at about 30%. Title of the long tail word is also very crucial. Keywords/description to reflect the long tail keywords.

fourth, strengthen the maintenance of

third, careful choice of long tail keywords

there are a few simple ways you can share with you: (1) through the website design and website business related keywords. (2) the competitors to search for keywords. (3) through the relevant search engine to determine the long tail keywords.

second, on the site of the internal structure of

long tail keyword selection is a very important work, the most important is based on customer perspective to search intention and thought to be deployed on it.

: https://adwords.贵族宝贝/select/KeywordToolExternal


": the actual deployment of long tail keywords


First, a fancy content reflects the form of

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