The success of the website promotion needs to hold a high weight, high index, high demand

according to CNNIC, the majority of Internet users demand the three most is music, video and news. In several major video portal site, click on the amount of a lot of video than hits an article to be high, in addition to its weight is very high, the general search of some popular keywords, many video sites are in the front row, so the use of video website promotion is a good model. But in the use of video points need to promote it, there must be a keyword traffic, people search, video production and not write because of that, there is a certain degree of difficulty, it is not possible to mining thousands or even tens of thousands of the long tail, we need to release so many videos, after all, the size of the space is not allowed. The two is making video is sure to make a meaningful video, the video not only speak generally not recognized by everyone, but always think you are advertising, the natural effect called a discount. read more

How to create a highly related products website


second: with the construction of the chain of


we do Shanghai dragon knows, whether for ranking or for the user experience, related sites are very important, and the product stand is even more so. In order not to "cry up wine and sell vinegar", and how should we improve product station, improve the conversion rate of flow


: first with the expertise to edit the content of

of each product, behind every industry will have a huge knowledge and historical background, we want to buy products on the Internet, the first thing is to tell our customers the products what is knowledge, what features, what use. But due to lack of knowledge, the author found that many products stand webmaster is a collection of others or their own articles, out of order without the editing of some of the so-called "original content", some even mislead buyers, allowing users to experience very bad. So, the product must have professional website is particularly important, but that’s easy to say, difficult to write, what should be what professional articles? I think we should do these requirements: read more

What do you think of the future of TaobaoWe share how to plan a forum

one, bigger and stronger, focus on a web site.

two, market segments, do more than a few websites.

it is not easy to do a big website at once. What can we do? We can think of ways to go the other way. That is to subdivide the industry and do some small industry websites. Small profits, how to do it, then do a few more, small sites, although small profits, but it is easy to do, you do a relatively large site of time, enough for you to do a few small sites, and profits will not be less. The reason is that some large or general industry sites have been done by Taobao customers, the competition is more intense, and now it is difficult to get into the later. The threshold is much higher than before, and some small industry, small keywords, if you are careful enough, you can still find, even if only to find a few enough for you to do. read more

Love Shanghai bidding agent system loopholes account stolen

I said above to bear the legal responsibility to ensure true.

or there is a possibility, I account to love Shanghai love Shanghai agent, formal agent, can be found out in Shanghai love website, agency computer is black or there is the issue of staff, hackers see my account information.

I love Shanghai PPC has been more than 4 years, there are several accounts in the city, early in the morning, received a 9501321945269 Cantonese speaking telephone, I said a bidding account announced the phone was modified, I was on the phone clearly heard the man behind and personal talk with him that should be to teach him what to say, my first reaction is my website was hacked, he asked me for money. The result shows that the website is good, I think his words, love Shanghai is estimated to account. Login account, found it landed in, quickly give me love Shanghai customer service call, he after the investigation, since in my account appeared in Taobao keyword promotion, can certainly be black, I also network for 56 years, my password could not tell anyone, I was black. I asked the customer service, he said recently that many accounts have been black, my hobby is just today is black, if the person doesn’t call me, I don’t know, because my background has hundreds of words, if he is to add a word, I don’t know how. It is a cold sweat, so if hackers consumption, how to protect the interests of I, according to my experience, love is life and death will not recognize the Shanghai. read more

How to reduce the impact on the website optimization



finally, or that sentence: Shanghai dragon is to think about the process takes time and work. Although after the website of website optimization will have a certain impact, but as long as to avoid these effects, through continuous efforts, can make these effects to a minimum.

four a day, adhere to the original update

actually do Shanghai dragon is to insist, every day of the chain and content. Persevere, you will certainly do a good job site.

optimization know, Links is the highest weight inside the chain. Through some related industry links and weight higher than its own web site, to enhance the weight of their own website, let love Shanghai on its website – friendly. read more

Links effect is far more important than we think

Effect of

on Links I think can from the following aspects:

fourth, can enhance the visibility of our website. This >

first, PR. Links is quite a good way for the promotion of PR, especially to change their own website PR output, while PR of sex Shanghai search engine for the stationmaster didn’t seem to be what role, actually not, when you exchange links, some people tend to regard as PR is an important indicator of sometimes is to a small PR transaction failed.

now about the website Links, many webmaster friends think it a contemptuous disregard for the website weight, promotion, or website ranking, not what role, but after long time observation, found that Links action is absolutely important than we imagined, today is the weekend, love Shanghai and a small update look, find keyword ranking dropped, and decreased with the keyword ranking Links relationship, websites that I almost did not how the tube, below is the ranking of www.huayiqimo贵族宝贝 Keywords: read more

On the bottom navigation website how to design more conducive to optimization and user experience

Liu Zongyang believes that the 3 kinds of design style.

the list of products reducing weight, diet pills which of these two words are link to the home page, and the most effective weight-loss drug, with the right base which brand is good these two words to the corresponding column page chain.

1, part of the Webmaster Station is so designed that the main key repeat site, then they will all be at home.

39 Health Net presented at the bottom of the third kinds of simple design style navigation for us. read more

Neat Lenovo words hold your website ranking


information A5 contrast, word segmentation technology this page using the word" HTML ", the Lenovo code were split into" HTML code "of" tutorial code "these two words, in order to achieve a good keywords layout and high density, and enhance the" friendly degree customer experience.

what is the word

Why "The topic of Summary:

love Shanghai love keywords layout and density more reasonable, more inclined to a high weight "Lenovo". read more

How to use the skills to make the new ranking offbeat quickly over the old site

chain and anti chain is a basic web site to attract outside help, since the establishment of the site after the completion of the exchange of 2 Links, industry website the two Links is basically the same with the station, because of its high correlation website in the exchange chain is love Shanghai is included; but the chain is the use of some means of formation, but the chain are formal in nature, such as an article Sina formed a quality chain, a chain and my contribution in stationmaster net, finally I still love Shanghai Post Bar made several anti chain it can be said, anti chain is natural and nature is very high. > read more

New station to love Shanghai smoothly through the review period

We talked about a possible

second, it is a tool to attract users, the influence of the chain would now be more and more small, only the icing on the cake for the web site keywords our ranking. Now more and more by the chain pile is more and more unstable reason lies in this, because this is a user experience is king of the times. But the user experience is the most important one is to look at the content of your website is not able to attract users, can help users or solve user queries in the mind. Do you like if you are in a strong chain pile up ranking is very unstable, because every link is to have life, the more you do outside the chain, the chain every day you lost the more, this is one of the important factors causing ranked outside the chain of pile up. read more