Campus welcomes new students

first_imgWhile freshman orientation staffs waited expectantly for the first cars to pull up in front of their dorms Friday morning, families of new students began to explore Notre Dame’s campus. Friday marked the first day of “Frosh-O,” a weekend packed with events meant to welcome freshmen to their new “home under the dome.” Freshman Bernie Floeder of Shoreview, Minn., said he is excited to move into Fisher Hall and begin his life at Notre Dame. “Notre Dame was by and far the school that I was most interested in,” Floeder said. “When I visited here, it seemed like this was the place – excellent academics, people ready to help you and a great campus.” Junior Sarah Fleming, Badin Hall’s freshman orientation commissioner, said her staff is anxious to welcome the Class of 2016 to campus by easing them into life at Notre Dame. “Our staff is super excited to meet the new Badin Hall freshmen,” Fleming said. “We’ve been waiting for this since April. All summer our staff has been working … to coordinate things … we have our dorm all decorated and the music blaring outside.” Fleming said the weekend is structured so that the freshmen would first bond with their hallmates and then with other classmates around campus. “We planned it so that Friday events would be Badin only, so that the girls would build relationships with one another,” Fleming said. “Saturday and Sunday the events are with the rest of campus, but then Sunday after the final goodbyes to their parents we have a lot of events planned one after another because some girls might find it difficult to say goodbye to their guardians.” Freshman Andrew Petrisin, who hails from McKinney, Tex., said he decided to attend Notre Dame after a visit to campus last fall. “I came here for the Michigan State football game and immediately fell in love with the whole place,” Petrisin said. “This was always the No. 1 choice.” Freshman Katie Kaes of Cincinnati, Ohio, said she was familiar with the University before coming to campus, but she is excited to make Notre Dame her home. “I’ve been around Notre Dame my whole life, and I’ve loved it my whole life,” Kaes said. “When my sister got there I just learned more about it, and really wanted to go here … I’m so excited to meet my roommates and to get to know more about Notre Dame than what I’ve already experienced.” After visiting Notre Dame during Reilly Weekend, freshman Steven Doyle said he knew this was an amazing place. “All the people in Alumni Hall have been really welcoming,” Doyle said. “Everyone’s been really helpful here. I’m looking forward to having a great time.” Junior Pat Raycroft, freshman orientation commissioner for Zahm House, said he planned his weekend in the same way. First, the staff would help their freshmen build a sense of brotherhood, and then they would encourage new residents to connect to the rest of Notre Dame’s community. “The biggest thing we want our freshmen to take out of the weekend is brotherhood – that they have guys around them in their house that are willing to do anything for them,” Raycroft said. “We tried to strike a balance between interhall and intrahall stuff so that they would not only get a good orientation to Notre Dame, but a good orientation to Zahm.” Junior Maggie Wieland, Cavanaugh Hall freshman orientation co-commissioner, said the overall goal is to welcome the Class of 2016 to the Notre Dame family from the first moment they step onto campus. “All of the planning, all of the craziness – it’s all for them,” Wieland said. “We want to make sure that they love it here as much as we do.”last_img read more

Kroc Institute honors peace studies students

first_imgThe Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies recently announced seniors Alex Coccia and Ilse Zenteno as recipients of the 2014 Yarrow Award for their accomplishments in academics and in the field of peace studies.Ernesto Verdeja, Chair of the Yarrow Award Committee and director of undergraduate studies at the Kroc Institute, said winners are selected by the committee, which is comprised of faculty members who have worked closely with the senior peace studies majors.“We consistently get some of the most exceptional students of the University in the peace studies program,” he said. “So it is often very difficult to select a [recipient] because of the quality of the accomplishments they have.”Recipients of the award are selected based on their academic accomplishments and ability to combine and apply their scholarly knowledge with an awareness of how the world works outside of the classroom.“One thing that is important is to highlight the significant successes that the students have who have done work in the community or have accomplished work outside of the community and around the world,” Verdeja said. “These two students, in particular, are remarkable examples of what we strive for in the Kroc Institute, excellence in terms of scholarship and a commitment to trying to change the world.”Coccia has worked on and continues to develop a number of projects, including sexual assault prevention efforts, recommendations for services for students with high financial need and mental health resources.Coccia is also the founder of the “4 to 5 Movement,” a student initiative aimed at recruiting allies of the LGBTQ community to speak up in support of the community. He also helped the gay-straight alliance student organization PrismND gain recognition for their work. Off campus, Coccia worked with the Read to a Child program from his freshman to junior year.After graduation, Coccia will work in Washington in either a government agency or a non-profit organization through funding from the Truman Scholarship.During her time at Notre Dame, Zenteno interned with the Center for Social Concerns (CSC) through their International Summer Service Learning Program as a short-term missionary in Bolivia. During the summer following her sophomore year, she participated in the CSC’s Summer Service Learning Program and lived with women on probation and parole while serving as a mentor during their transition back into society.Zenteno is also very involved with the local community. She volunteers regularly at the South Bend Catholic Worker, has interned with the Public Defender’s Office at the Juvenile Justice Center in South Bend and accepted an AmeriCorps position as Outreach and Social Media Coordinator at St. Joseph County Bridges Out of Poverty.“I sometimes get discouraged or overwhelmed with all of the social problems we continuously face, but receiving this award was a great honor,” she said. “It made me realize that we can never give up and must always fight for the greater good of our society.”After graduation, Zenteno plans to work at St. Joseph County Bridges Out of Poverty until mid-July, when she will return to her hometown of St. Louis. She hopes to pursue an academic career in peace studies and international development.“You don’t have to travel to a developing country in Africa, Latin America or Asia to begin doing service,” she said. “It begins here at home in our own cities, in our own backyards.”Tags: Alex Coccia, award, Ernesto Verdeja, Ilse Zenteno, Kroc Institute, LGBTQ, Peace Studies, Yarrow Awardlast_img read more

‘It’s like taking away the keys to your house’: Off-campus representatives react to new housing policies

first_imgIn recent years, the Notre Dame administration has made several changes to its housing policies to discourage students from moving off campus. Administrators say the policies will strengthen the campus community, but off-campus student leaders argue that the policies will push students further apart. “It’s a family and a sense of belonging that I think they’re trying to take away from us,” senior Katie O’Sullivan, president of the Off-Campus Council, said.Nicole Simon | The Observer Six semestersIn September 2017, administrators announced the “six-semester policy” — the first of several major housing policy changes. The new rule requires that all Notre Dame students, beginning with the class of 2022, live on campus for six full semesters.Quentin Colo, the student senator for the off-campus community, said low-income students feel squeezed by the six-semester requirement.“Several students reached out to me and they said, ‘Look, I have to move off campus. I don’t want to pay $16,000 to live in the dorm. Why would I do that when I can pay $5,000, [and] get a cheaper meal plan off campus?” Colo, a senior, said.Additionally, off-campus leaders say the six-semester policy poses problems for transfer students, who aren’t guaranteed a spot in the residence halls. “They’re overpopulating the campus but also shutting away transfers,” Susan Seiler, vice president of the Off-Campus Council, said.With fewer housing options, O’Sullivan said many students’ needs will go unmet.“There are a variety of reasons why people move off [campus], and taking that away from people — it’s not right,” O’Sullivan said. Value of the Off-Campus ExperienceIf the University had its way, and no students ever moved off campus, the Notre Dame community would lose important perspectives, the leaders said. Seiler explained that the dorms don’t prepare students for life after college.“We actually need life skills. There’s not a class here that teaches you how to cook for yourself, how to grocery shop, how to budget. You don’t have to learn any of that living in a dorm,” Seiler said.The off-campus leaders added that many students sleep, eat and shop on campus, and rarely venture into South Bend.“Some kids just literally don’t know there’s a world outside of Notre Dame,” Seiler said. This divide between the Notre Dame and South Bend community is a problem, the representatives said. They worry that if fewer students move off campus, that divide could deepen.“Being off campus has definitely attuned me to the problems of people who are living in South Bend,” Colo said. Key cardsIn previous years, Notre Dame students could enter any dorm using their Irish1Cards. But this year, the University restricted that access, citing safety concerns. Now, students’ Irish1Cards only open the doors to their own dorms.For off-campus students, this change means they cannot enter any residence hall with their student IDs — including their old dorms. Without that key-card access, the off-campus representatives say they feel pushed out of their own communities.“It’s like taking away the keys to your house,” O’Sullivan said, “I think they downplayed the severity of that, but it’s a big thing. It’s just one more step in the … process of kicking off-campus students out of the Notre Dame community.”Colo says he’s skeptical of the University’s reasoning behind the new Irish1Card policy. “I do think the University has some concern about safety, and I understand that. We all want to live in a safe dorm,” Colo said. “But I just don’t think that the most recent policies are [motivated by] safety. I just truly don’t believe that.” Off-Campus “exclusion” policiesIn April, the University doubled down on its efforts to keep students on campus. The Division of Student Affairs announced that beginning in the fall of 2021, off-campus students will lose access to dorm dances and interhall sports teams.The off-campus representatives argue that these changes — excluding off-campus students from dorm programming — will fracture the Notre Dame community.“In my dorm, the people who are off campus who are still involved in the community — they’re looked up to. They’re pillars of the community,” Colo said.Without those off-campus students present at dorm events, the representatives say that everyone — on-campus and off-campus students alike — will suffer.“It’s hurting underclassmen who now no longer have people to look up to and talk to and ask about classes because they’ll never be at dorm events anymore,” Seiler said.Colo says the University isn’t acting in students’ best interests.“Most of the University’s policies, it’s kind of like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. But the three-year policy and the recent exclusion policy are coming as wolves. There’s no way to look around it. The only motive that I see is perhaps a profit one,” Colo said. Hearing but not listeningThe off-campus representatives say the University has been ignoring their concerns.“We have not met with them about any of these changes. And I really question how much they actually listen to what we’re saying,” Colo said.O’Sullivan said she’s reached out to administrators and tried to discuss the housing policy changes, but administrators have not yet agreed to meet.“I felt like we were just being pushed to the side,” O’Sullivan said.In the meantime, the representatives are trying to organize the off-campus student community. On October 1, they’re hosting an Engagement and Informative Housing Fair for students who already live off-campus or those who are considering moving off. They’re also developing a petition opposing many of the new housing policies.But, as the University moves forward with its housing initiatives, the off-campus students worry that administrators won’t consider their perspectives.“They always say they hear us,” Colo said, “I wish they actually listened to us.”Tags: Housing policy, off campus council, off-campus housing, Six Semester Policylast_img read more

Ban On Sale Of Flavored Vape Products Goes Into Effect In New York State

first_imgPixabay Stock Image.ALBANY – The sale of flavored vaping products is now illegal in New York State.Effective Monday, if a retailer is caught selling flavored vaping products, they will face a fine of up to $100 for each item they have.Advocates of the law say it’ll protect children and young adults in New York State, some say it’s going to crush an industry that employs thousands across the state, while handing a win to Big Tobacco.The sale of all tobacco products in pharmacies is also banned under the new law. Some other rules will be effective July 1, including a ban of online sales of vaping products, and a ban on coupons for vaping and tobacco products. Share:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Walter White in the Flesh! Get Tickets to See Bryan Cranston Make His Broadway Debut as LBJ in All the Way

first_img View All (4) Liev Schreiber Bryan Cranston Beginning with the Kennedy assassination, All the Way details the first year of Johnson’s presidency, focusing on his involvement with the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The drama begins on Air Force One on November 23, 1963, as the plane transports the body of President Kennedy back to Washington, D.C., and Johnson summons his courage to take on the role of commander-in-chief. All The Way starts performances on February 10 at the Neil Simon Theatre. View Comments Related Shows Star Filescenter_img It’s been months since Breaking Bad went off the air and we know everyone is missing Bryan Cranston something bad (especially these guys). Happily, it’s only weeks until Broadway gets the Emmy and recent Golden Globe winner right here live and in person, as the star of the new Lyndon B. Johnson play All the Way. Tickets are on sale now, so click here to book your seats! In addition to Cranston as the gruff 6’4″ Texan politician, the show features Michael McKean as J. Edgar Hoover, Brandon J. Dirden as Martin Luther King, Jr., Robert Petkoff as Hubert Humphrey, Rob Campbell as Governor George Wallace, Tony nominee John McMartin as Richard Russell and Roslyn Ruff as Coretta Scott King and Fannie Lou Hamer.

 All the Way Roslyn Ruff Show Closed This production ended its run on June 29, 2014 Michael McKeanlast_img read more

The Show Will Not Go On! A Man’s A Man Cancels Performance Off-Broadway Due to Injury

first_imgThe Classic Stage Company’s off-Broadway production of Bertolt Brecht’s A Man’s A Man has canceled its performance January 17 due to an injury sustained during last night’s show. Bill Buell, who plays Jeraiah Jip and has no understudy, fractured his ankle while off-stage due to a set malfunction. The remainder of the show was canceled on January 16. A Man’s A Man started preview performances on January 10, with opening night set for January 30. A replacement actor is currently being found. View Comments A Man’s A Man tells the story of Galy Gay, a simple man out shopping who, by the trickery of some soldiers, is turned into a soldier, enlisted into Her Majesty’s Armed Forces and, eventually, reassembled into a killing machine. The play is Brecht’s ode to the inhumanity of man.center_img Directed by Brian Kulick, A Man’s A Man’s cast also includes Justin Vivian Bond, Gibson Frazier, Martin Moran, Jason Babinsky, Steven Skybell, Stephen Spinella, Ching Valdes-Aran and Allan K. Washington. The production features new music by Grammy and Tony-winning singer-songwriter Duncan Sheik.last_img read more

Coming to 54 Below: Shows From Yesteryear, Nightclub Newbies and More!

first_img JAMES SNYDER “A Road Most Traveled” – 8/4 at 7PM The If/Then star makes his 54 Below debut with a show that explores his own “what if?” moments, from starring in shows such as Cry-Baby, Rock of Ages and Carousel to getting married, finding out you’re going to be a dad and (of course), killing it on your very own video blog. Tag along on Snyder’s fun journey! GET TICKETS Dozens of stars flock to the 54 Below stage every week to show us what they got. Here are just some of the nightclub’s recently announced, sure-to-be amazing sets. Mark your calendars for these Broadway faves at the intimate supper club! 54 SINGS THE WIZ 8/10 at 7PM & 9:30PM We are so ready to ease on down the road (stairs?) to check out the latest installment of the nightclub’s “54 Sings” series. Tony nominees Vivian Reed and Adriane Lenox and Broadway alums Ken Page, Kingsley Leggs and Beautiful’s Rashidra Scott are just some of the names set to feel a brand new day. Belt it out with Dorothy and company for one night only! GET TICKETS HELENE YORKE “My Blossom Dearie” – 9/29 at 7PM The Bullets babe is trading in Olive’s hot dog-crazed shtick for something chic and subtle. Yorke’s 54 Below debut will celebrate a supper club star in her own time: jazz and blues singer Margrethe Blossom Dearie. Yorke will recreate the singer’s jazz sound with her own whimsical style and teases that there may be a few sweet surprises (bananas?). GET TICKETS CHRIS MILLER & NATHAN TYSEN “Tuck Everlasting & More” – 9/15 at 7PM & 9:30PM They’ve been heard at rock clubs, off-Broadway theaters and Sesame Street. The song-writing duo will welcome a host of Broadway talent to perform numbers from their shows, including The Burnt Part Boys and Fugitive Songs, plus a taste of their upcoming Tuck Everlasting. GET TICKETS THIS AMBITIOUS ORCHESTRA: CABARET 7/23 at 9:30PM Don’t tell mama, but while Alan Cumming and co. perform at Studio 54, another group of fishnet-clad entertainers are ready to bid you “Willkommen” downstairs. These symphonic rebels, along with some of New York’s finest nightclub singers, will present the Kander and Ebb tuner with arrangements infused with a glam rock sound. GET TICKETScenter_img PATRICK PAGE “Good to be Bad” – 8/27 at 7PM Our favorite Broadway bully is back! After a dastardly performance at the nightclub in January, Page returns to explore some of musical theater’s greatest villains and antiheroes we love to loathe—from Captain Hook to Sweeney Todd. What better man to take us on a diabolical journey than the Green Goblin/Scar/the Grinch/Henry VIII himself?! GET TICKETS  LOUIS ST. LOUIS “Still Comin’ In Through the Kitchen” – 9/9 & 10 at 7PM He’s a man of many talents: composer, arranger, singer and then some. But before making a name for himself on shows like Smokey Joe’s Café, St. Louis started out in the cabaret scene. He returns to his roots to present a night of original songs that can be heard in Grease (and its infamous sequel), Disco People and more. GET TICKETS View Comments SAYCON SENGBLOH “Vintage Pop Soul” – 8/13 at 7PM & 8/29 at 11PM While her time in the electrifying Holler If Ya Hear Me may be cut short, this Broadway star, whose past credits include Motown, Fela! and Wicked, makes her debut at the supper club this summer. Expect popular tunes of past and present, hits from the Broadway stage and some originals from her EP: Southern Pin-Up. GET TICKETSlast_img read more Summer Camp, Day 11! Mitzi Gaynor’s Got Company

first_imgWe’re gonna be honest: Things around the offices have gotten really boring the last few weeks. It’s sweltering, it’s humid, and worst of all, no new Broadway shows open until after Labor Day. But never fear, dear readers, we’ve got a great way to spice up the month of August: Summer Camp! Each day for 31 days, we’re highlighting the campiest, craziest, wildest—and did we mention campiest?—videos we can find. Put on your gaudy bathing suit and dive in! OVERALL CAMP FACTOR 10 out of 10 sets of the good china. LOOK OUT FOR… 1:54. News flash—in order to keep a man truly happy, a woman must be a princess in the parlor, a magician in the kitchen and a temptress in the bedroom…and then start rearranging the order. (Huh?!) WHY WE LOVE IT This musical ode to relationships has it all: Sexual innuendos that make no sense, archaic ideas of what a woman should do to make a man happy, and of course, Jerry Orbach. The 1976 salute to Company on Mitzi: A Tribute to the American Housewife features a star-studded cast (yes, that’s Ted Knight from The Mary Tyler Moore Show) and some seriously weird ‘70s fashion. We’re still not sure which is worse—Jerry Orbach’s pointy orange collar or the party guest with the red evening gown and giant glasses.center_img View Comments MOST GIF-ABLE MOMENTlast_img read more

Odds & Ends: Andy Mientus is Back in Les Miz & More

first_imgHere’s a quick roundup of stories you may have missed today. Side Show Wasn’t Live in Times Square Turns out that the live broadcast in Times Square of Side Show ‘s Act One finale on the revival’s opening night wasn’t so live after all. The New York Times reports that the “Who Will Love Me as I Am?,” number had been recorded at a previous performance. Whatever the case, Erin Davie and Emily Padgett are the real deal who sing the tuner live eight shows a week at the St. James Theatre, and we love them as they are. View Comments Andy Mientus is Back in Les Miz Our hearts are full of love at this news. Andy Mientus returns to his starring role of Marius in Les Miz on November 19. The Audience Choice Award winner had been on hiatus while he filmed his two-episode arc on The Flash. Understudies Chris McCarrell and Matt Rosell had been stepping in, in his absence. Welcome back, Andy! Own a Piece of Hairy Hedwig History Hedwig fan? You can own Neil Patrick Harris’ original Miss Beehive 1963 wig that was used in the first portion of his Tony-winning run as the internationally ignored song stylist. Designed by Mike Potter and styled by legendary N.Y. drag queen Perfidia, the wig is being auctioned off to benefit New York Stage and Film.last_img read more

Katharine McPhee Confirms Smash Cast Reunion for Bombshell

first_imgWe didn’t forget them! The Bombshell benefit concert that we’ve been lifting our skirts for since last month will welcome some familiar faces. Katharine McPhee has confirmed to Zap2it that she, along with her Smash co-star and on-screen rival Megan Hilty and other alums of the ill-fated NBC series, will take the stage for one night only to benefit the Actors Fund. As previously reported, the fictional Marilyn Monroe musical will come to life on June 8—one week prior to the initially announced June 15 date—at a venue to be announced. But Hilty’s not the only one joining McPhee. “It’s so cool,” said McPhee. “Me and Megan—everyone—Debra [Messing], Anjelica [Huston]. It’s going to be so fun. That was such a great, really fun—another really special job.” Additional cast members throughout Smash’s two seasons included Jack Davenport, Christian Borle, Jeremy Jordan, Andy Mientus, Leslie Odom Jr., Bernadette Peters, Brian d’Arcy James and Will Chase. In the series, McPhee played Karen Cartwright, a fresh-faced struggling actress from Iowa who gets her big break in the Marilyn Monroe bio-musical. Among her competitors for the role included Broadway vet Ivy Lynn, played by Hilty. Messing played Julia Houston, the musical’s lyricist, and Huston took on the role of Eileen Rand, the steadfast, martini-throwing producer. We’ll have to wait to see if the two who played behind-the-scenes roles will finally have their chance in the Bombshell spotlight. View Commentslast_img read more