‘Miracle Hands Christmas Village 2017’ hosted

first_img…at Herdmanston LodgeBirthed by local fashion designer and director Carol Fraser, a most interesting annual expo kicked off under the heat of the midday sun on Saturday at Herdmanston Lodge, situated at the corner of Peter Rose and Anira Streets in Queenstown Georgetown.According to the event coordinator, this social event has been ongoing for several years, and was only recently rebranded as ‘Miracle Hands Christmas Village’. Scenes captured on Sunday at the ‘Miracle Hands Christmas Village 2017’ hosted at Herdmanston Lodge“A few years ago, I used to celebrate my birth anniversary here, where I used to display my art and I would host a little fashion show and entertainment. So, after five years, I decided to do it again, but with a different name, and I’ve invited some of my colleagues in the fashion, art, designing, and culinary art. The whole idea is to create an atmosphere where people can come and socialise and source local stuff for gifts for Christmas. You find during this time people are very busy with their home, decorating and so. So now you can just come one spot and they can get anything. Even if they are not interested, they can have a look, collect contact number, and we can deliver it to them,” she explained.The designer also revealed that Carol’s Designs in footwear and handbags, created from natural fibre and animal skin and leather, are now being branded in Guyana.She took the opportunity to introduce “Miracle Hands Green Card” which accrues endless benefits to customers upon purchase.Many other local designers, artists and producers flaunted a line of exquisite jewelry, art, and a wide variety of products made from local materials. The Guyana Natural Fiber Fashion Art Association exhibited locally produced beauty skin and hair products, as well as known by-products of cassava.One particularly talented jeweller, Seleina Fung, proprietor of “Seleina’s Craft and Things”, boasted unique hand-made designs crafted out of copper wire and local gems. Her business is home-based, from whence she markets and sells her bold jewelry via social media, even making deliveries to customers.Miracle Hands Christmas Village 2017 also presented a publicity opportunity for the launching of new products and businesses.Launching a new formula detergent branded “Nyla’s Blue Sky” was Dasanya Trading, According to proprietor Sandy Ramsaran, this product is soon to take the market by storm.“Nyla’s Blue Sky” was specially formulated, produced, and packaged in China for Dasanya Trading. It is an advanced formula which contains natural oxygen foam to remove stains from white and coloured clothing. It has a negative ion exterior active agent, non-hydronium exterior active agent, softness, optical brightening agent, and lasting perfume. Branded after Ramsaran’s daughter “Nyla”, the soap powder is produced according to European Standards, and Sandy is confident the product has the potential to become the next Guyanese “household” detergent.Meanwhile, a young teacher with a passion for baking, Christine Douglas, brought to the exhibition her newly founded business, “Cakes Delight”, her way of bringing happiness into the lives of other people.“It’s something I really love doing: baking and cooking. It makes me happy, and I realized that food and cakes make people happy… and if I can provide some happiness to people, that would be wonderful….so I decided to open as a business,” she told this publication.last_img read more