Microsoft Research gives Tony Stark a hand in Iron Man 3

first_imgThe staff at Microsoft Research already get to work with some pretty cool new technologies. Every now and then, however, Hollywood comes calling and they get to lend their expertise and vision to a studio effort like Iron Man 3.Kevin Schofield is the general manager of Microsoft Research, and he was thrilled to be asked to contribute to the latest installment of Iron Man. And why not? Tony Stark’s lab is packed with the kind of stuff die-hard geeks daydream about, and his Iron Man suits are some of the coolest wearable gadgets around. Sorry Google Glass, you’re not even in the same ballpark.Why bring in Microsoft Research? Because its team has experience with some of the mind-blowing future tech that you’ve already seen in Iron Man — in particular, with the sort of three-dimensional holographic interfaces like the ones projected by J.A.R.V.I.S.In recent years, Microsoft Research has worked on a number of projects in that space. The most widely-recognized, of course, is Kinect, which has been providing the DIY scene with a way to hack Minority Report-style controls into their Windows systems for years now.Interacting with a computer using gestures is only half the battle, of course. Fortunately, Microsoft Research has shown that it knows how to turn a user’s surroundings into a fully interactive display.There’s IllumiRoom — the slick, immersive display-extending projector tech that might find its way into the next Xbox. There’s also the HoloDesk project, which created a way for a user to interact with a projected 3D object. Kinect, of course, provided the required gesture tracking.Last but not least, there’s the recently-uncovered holographic telepresence project. It seems like the perfect jumping off point for something like a system that can render holographic dopplegangers to confuse adversaries during suited combat.last_img read more