Iowans are again warned to be wary of COVID-related phone scams

first_imgDES MOINES — The Internal Revenue Service is renewing its warnings for Iowans to beware of crooks who are trying to pry away their personal financial data.IRS criminal investigator Steve Slazinik says more cons are appearing every week during the pandemic.  “As you know, scammers will take advantage of any situation they can to make money,” Slazinik says, “and a worldwide health pandemic is no different.”Criminals are sending out bogus emails and texts claiming to have a cure for COVID-19, or they’re pretending to be I-R-S agents seeking personal identification so taxpayers can receive their coronavirus stimulus checks.   “If it does sound suspicious, it likely is,” Slazinik says. “For instance, the IRS will not call or ask you to verify your payment details. So do not give out your bank account information or other account information, even if someone claims it’s necessary to get the check or to get the payment.”Slazinik says there are so many scams emerging, it’s difficult to identify and prosecute all of them. He advises anyone with questions to contact the agency directly at read more