PS4 and Xbox One versions of Angry Birds Star Wars costs 50

first_imgOne of the major criticisms of the next-gen console launches, both PS4 and Xbox One, is the lack of compelling launch titles. Sony and Microsoft seem to have taken that one step further by charging more for Rovio’s Angry Birds Star Wars.One of the big benefits Sony announced during their PS4 sales pitch to the world was the inclusion of indie games. For the same reason this was good for Steam and mobile devices, this will be great for Sony. The PS4 will have an arsenal of titles that are a lot of fun and cost much less than AAA titles on the shelves at GameStop. It’s something that benefits everyone, and Sony seems committed to making sure indie developers have everything they need to make publishing on the PS4 easy. For some reason, Activision seems to think that Angry Birds Star Wars doesn’t belong in this category, and has decided to charge $49.99 for the title on the PS4 and Xbox One.To be clear, this is mostly the same Star Wars Angry Birds as the one currently available on iOS and Android for the cost of whatever in-app purchase you can be convinced to purchase in order to help even the odds. This same game was available on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 for $39.99, with no obvious difference between the games so far. The PS4 and Xbox One versions include 20 levels that are exclusive to the console and a new multiplayer mode that allows for competitive or cooperative play for up to four players, but otherwise this is the same Angry Birds. In fact, you could spend less money to get a Miracast dongle that would allow you to play from your Android phone to the television. You’d actually get a technically better picture if you did that, since the PS4 version of the game is only 720p.It’s not entirely clear why Activision thought this was a good idea, but oddly enough there are people actually spending the money. At the time this was written, seven people had already rated the game — giving it four stars –on the PlayStation Store. Microsoft fans have been somewhat less forgiving, with 128 ratings placing it at two stars. Maybe Activision thought this was alright since EA was working on a Plants vss Zombies title for the next-gen consoles, though they could hardly be considered the same thing.last_img read more