Termite myths busted

first_imgWood not their only food sourceForschler’s research also contradicts the amount of wood termiteseat. “People say they can eat 15 pounds of wood in a minute and that’sjust absurd,” he said. “An average colony of termites only eats a4-inch section of 2×4 a year.” Termites eat more during the summer and less during the winter,he said. Their peak swarming time, March, is just around thecorner.”I’ve recorded field populations eating anywhere from 350milligrams per day in March to less than 2 (milligrams),” hesaid.Forschler has uncovered some strange termite menu items, too.”If they’re hungry enough, they will eat some surprising sourcesof cellulose,” he said. “I’ve seen them eat apples, redwoodlumber and even underwear.” Not hunters or gatherersTermites don’t seem to have an overall plan for seeking out food,he said.”They swim through the soil in groups, waiting for a piece ofwood to fall into their area,” he said. “And when we change awooded lot into a subdivision, they think they’ve died and goneto termite heaven.”Unlike ants, termites don’t take their food back to a permanentnest-site. They find food, taste test it, and send back informationfor other termites to come and join in on the feast, Forschlersaid. “Basically, they are sitting on their food while they eat it,” hesaid. “As they eat, they create a potential new nest-site wherethe ever-mobile queen can rest and lay eggs.”Having studied them for over a decade, Forschler labels termitesas “cryptic little creatures.””As individuals, termites are little wimpy creatures that weshould easily be able to control,” he said. “The problem is theyare hidden from our view and they live in groups where they findstrength in numbers.” By Sharon OmahenUniversity of GeorgiaBrian Forschler wasn’t hired to be a myth buster. But as anentomologist focusing on termites, he’s constantly disprovingmyths that surround the tiny destroyers.As a researcher with the University of Georgia College ofAgricultural and Environmental Sciences, Forschler has spent thepast 15 years studying termites and their biology. Time and timeagain his research uncovers facts that dissolve long-standingtermite myths.center_img They’re not ‘white ants'”The first scientific publication on termites in the UnitedStates (1876) called them ‘white ants’ and said they lived innests,” he said. “It took 50 years to prove they don’t live innests and you still find people who believe they do.”Forshler focuses his research on termite biology because he saysit’s the “key” to controlling them. “It’s very important to understand the biology of the creatureyou are trying to control,” he said. “If you don’t, it’d be liketreating a restaurant for German cockroaches the same way you’dtreat for houseflies.”By studying small groups of termites in wood-filled plasticboxes, Forschler has developed a population model. A termitequeen lays roughly 150 eggs per day and the average termite livestwo years. “If you multiply that by 365 days in a year, it comes to about100,000 which is far less than the millions of insects found bysome estimates of termite population size,” he said. last_img read more

Exclusive:Abedi Pele blasts Ghana FA over his sons’ resignation from Black Stars

first_imgGhana legend Abedi Pele has twisted the knife even further into the Ghana Football Association for the standoff between them and his two sons.The three-time legend insists the GFA is to be blamed for the decision by his sons to withdraw from the Black Stars.“I always believe that they are grown up children, 23 and 21. Well, they’ve lived in Europe for the past 23 years so for me this is an opportunity for them to take things on their own,” Abedi exclusively told Joy Sports Kwame Dwomoh Agyemang.“But occasionally, father and mother will always chip in a word or two but for the moment, the children are doing the right thing.“It is their decision and we just have to support them.“Everybody there is a friend. Kwesi Appiah, I have played with him but if you have a friend who has disappointed you, what do you do?,” Andre and Jordan have been in the news after temporarily quitting the Black Stars citing reasons of victimization and unfair treatment, following their exclusion from Ghana’s squad to the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations.The Ghana FA urged the Olympique Marseille duo to reconsider their decision and make an immediate return for this month’s 2014 FIFA World Cup qualifier againstBut the two players want some more time for the wounds to heal.last_img read more

Super 2 Clash: Cosmos Dauda confident of maintaining fine form

first_imgIt is often said players who play derbies for the first time crumble under the weight of pressure but this is not the case for Hearts of Oak’s Cosmos Dauda.The former Mighty Jets attacker is brimming with confidence heading into this game after scoring three goals in the last two Hearts matches.For him, pressure is what you bring upon yourself.“There is no single pressure. Pressure is what you bring upon yourself we are positive and we believe in our training session,” he told Adom Sports.“We have a good coach who psyches us in and out of the pitch.”“I believe we are going in with a clear mind and hopefully we can come out with the three points.” In addition to the confidence, Dauda was optimistic about scoring on Monday.“I am positive about scoring. That’s my trademark. I have no option than to be on the scoresheet.”Dauda is Hearts’ leading scorer in the league with four goals. – Follow Joy Sports on Twitter: @JoySportsGH. Our hashtag is #JoySportslast_img read more